The perceived lack of U.S.manufacturing is no longer a perception, it is reality and The D.M.S.C. does not want to idly stand by and watch.  The U.S. for the first time is creating a total inability to procure vital parts in time of national emergencies. Without manufacturing capabilities, there will be shortages of vital parts in production of ammunition and avionics to mention only 2 areas, especially since normal suppliers may be allied to a potential adversary, or if an adversary blocks vital shipping lanes or air space during times of war.

A secondary problem from the lack of  exports, due to insufficient manufacturing, is currently having a profound influence on our foreign policy. Now that forgein countries have U.S. dollar deposits in bonds and other forms in excess of 1.2 trillion, they can and have exerted pressure to influence OUR foreign policy. Just last week, it was “suggested” by China that the U.S.  invest less into it’s military and to update our import laws to take care of some our impeding debt. When does a “suggestion” become a demand of foreign countries? When the U.S. is unable to pay on it’s obligations? We are at a tipping point here and now is the time for major change in the way we do business, because it’s proven, we are not doing it right.

The inability/lack of manufacturing causes an ever looming threat to U.S. interest rates, inflation and a general detriment to our economy and trade policy that can no longer be ignored. The D.M.S.C knows there is a substantial decrease in R & D activity in the machinery sector  of our economy which greatly effects our competitiveness in world market. By supporting the D.M.S.C you are supporting our local economy and country as a whole. As the D.M.S.C has explained, the lack of sufficient manufacturing capacity will not only make it impossible to ramp up production in times of need but we unknowingly transfer vital production know-how to potential competitors or adversaries when we out-source manufacturing to foreign countries.

The effect on procurement has been very apparent to not only the DMSC and it’s supporters but also to our allies and worse, to our adversaries. Just a few examples seen by the world- Our Presidential helicopter is Italian by design , Boeing and Northrop companies were competing to build a replacement tanker plane for the air force and the European Airbus design was judged superior in performance. Factual fig leaf- Northrop assembles the Airbus tanker but use overseas components. Other reminders of U.S lack of capabilits- the U.S. had to import uniforms for Desert Storm from Germany, the import of small arms from Europe and using Italian made, guns on U.S frigates.

The D.M.S.C wants everyone to understand that there is a direct relationship between mounting foreign debt and the steep drop in manufacturing  jobs. More government jobs will NOT support our economy but only impose more structured debt. None of this is about American greed and wealth, its about being placed on a level playing field when it comes to U.S. foreign policy, paying our debt and being able to live the American dream that our fore-founders set before us.