The premise behind the creation of the Domestic Manufacturer and Supplier Coalition (DMSC) is to coordinate a manufacturing platform to help strengthen American manufacturing and all other domestic businesses, large and small. The DMSC believes that to help domestic manufacturing, we must increase public awareness not only on the problems we face but on ways to contact and use available domestic resources.

As many of us know, manufacturing is crucial to any economy and has taken an unprecedented hit over the last 2 years.  According to the article “America Needs a Manufacturing Strategy”, every dollar of  final sales in manufacturing  produces $1.37 in other sectors of the economy in contrast to many service sectors that generates only 50 cents for every dollar of activity.

The DMSC understands manufacturing to be a key element to a recovering economy due to manufacturing being one of the most diversified in regard to employment. A Manufacturing plant employs workers at all skill and education levels and for many non-college educated workers manufacturing jobs, many of which are highly skilled jobs, have been a crucial source of  better then average wages and benefits then usually found with minimum wage jobs. The second piece to a recovery is, innovation. The DMSC firmly believes that innovation is one of the crucial components of any economy and according to statistics, the manufacturing sector in a healthy economy  is responsible for more then 70% of all business R & D.  Unlike many countries who have kept manufacturing as their “economic backbone” maintaining capacity and employment,  the United States has chosen to down size thier manufacturing capacity.

The Domestic Manufacture and Supplier Coalition has created a strategy to increase public awareness on related topics and to drive consumers to invest in all areas of domestic business. The DMSC is providing an essential platform and a unified voice to help strengthen domestic businesses allowing them to strive, not just survive.  The DMSC with it’s current supporters are working with local government officials, advocating to reduce corporate income tax and the payroll tax along with working to eliminate all incentives in the tax code to move investment overseas.  You can join the DMSC in it’s continued effort to increase awareness.  “Strength in numbers allows us to bring solutions to a problematic table and “we believe it’s the right thing to do”.